Chase Sno-Chasers Snowmobile Club. Chase, WI



Each snowmobile* operating in WI will be required to display a Wisconsin trail pass to be purchased annually. The Trail Pass fee is $30 unless you belong to a snowmobile club.

To purchase a trail pass for $10, you must first join a club. Then you are able to order your trail pass four ways:

1. Online at the AWSC website.

2. Call the AWSC office at (608) 846-5530 or toll free at (800) 232-4108

3. Visit the AWSC office at 529 Trail Side Dr. Suite 100 DeForest, WI  53532 

4. Mail your order form to the AWSC office. Form available here.

Note: The AWSC wants memberships turned in twice a month, not daily or weekly. As a result, it may take a couple weeks for your membership dues to show as paid by the AWSC.

To purchase direct through the DNR for $30:

1. DNR website

2. DNR license sales agent

3. At any retailer that sells Wisconsin licenses (like Fleet Farm).


* Antique Snowmobiles:

Owners of snowmobiles 35 years or older and registered as antiques are no longer required to display a trail pass while operating on a public snowmobile corridor. To legally operate the antique snowmobile registration decal must be prominently displayed on both sides of the cowling.




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